Fast, Effective and Reliable Messaging

Connect to more customers with a single interface and enjoy all the benefits of an industry-leading platform that ensures compliance and value. Increase customer interactions by sending sms at scale.

Our Services


Duplicate Checker

Send your messages with the peace of mind that your contacts will receive only one message, saving you on costs.


Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS service is a simple, effective way to send messages to multiple recipients simultaneously.


Transactional SMS

Personalize messages to your clients by inserting personal details e.g. name, in the message body.


Address Book

Manage all your contacts in our system to enable you send sms to your customers without the hustle of re-uploading contacts everytime.


Sender ID

Deliver messages to your clients branded (from your name) to avoid being counterfeited or impersonated. Order your sender ID online.


Two-way Communication

Improve on sales, marketing and support in real-time by sending and receiving SMS. Initiate a real time conversation with your customers.


Scheduled SMS

We provide a scheduling service to enable you send your SMS at a specified time in the future.



Give instant feedback to your customers by setting up auto response to incoming messages at any time.



Integrate your software or application with our sms gateway using a free http rest api.

Why choose us

  • Scalable pricing

    We offer volume based pricing for our sms, with affordable packages for both individuals, and corporates. The more messages you send, the lower the cost. Also, your sms credits never expire on our platform.

  • Analytics

    Monitor your sms activity, delivery rates and troubleshoot anomalies in real time.

  • Quick Turnaround time with Highest Accuracy

    Time is money. You can send up to 300 messages in 1 second with real-time sms delivery confirmation.

  • 24/7 Support

    We have a 24 hour support team to serve you at any time. We are reachable on email, phone, & chat. Get in touch.